One-on-One Tutoring in Maryland

One-on-One Tutoring & Academic Coaching with a Certified Maryland Teacher

Our tutors are teachers! Does your child need a little extra help with subjects like math, reading fluency, or comprehension skills? What about algebra, biology, or calculus? Did you know we also offer academic/executive coaching to work on skills like organization, time management, and learning style optimization? Our teacher tutors come to you. We love the idea of providing an expert right to your door.

Serving Baltimore, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and beyond.

SIGNIFICANT GAINS: Students Gained an Average of 1.25 Grade Levels After Just Three Quarters of Once a Week Tutoring with Maryland Teacher Tutors

Thanks to their hard work and the extra help from our tutors, students outpaced the expected gain for each quarter, with students gaining an average of 0.28 grade levels after one quarter, 0.59 grade levels after two quarters, 1.25 grade levels after three quarters, and 1.57 after four quarters of once a week tutoring.

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I was very concerned with my son’s ability to keep up with the rigor in the Howard County School System. Maryland Teacher Tutors... sent me a fantastic tutor. Before the tutoring from MTT, my son hated reading. Now, he reads happily on his own without any prompting. He enjoys it! I highly recommend Maryland Teacher Tutors for not only changing your child’s grades, but also their mentality towards learning.
— J. Dixon, Ellicott City - Howard County, MD