How to Make Studying More Effective

Have you ever told a student something 10 times, and on the 11th, they ask you to explain it again? Or, if you are a student, have you read something for what feels like the 100th time, but you still have no idea what you are reading? This is a common issue. People often do not know how to study. Here are some ways for you to study or to help your student study. 


When it comes to studying, writing the information is more effective than reading. If you write something multiple times, a definition for example, you are practicing the memorization that you need.

To increase the effectiveness further, try writing the information in your own words. This will allow the information to process through multiple parts of your brain. 

Games and Drills

Our brains our competitive, even if we are competing against ourselves. If we get something wrong, the next time we quiz ourselves, our brain wants to get it right.

Quiz yourself, and time yourself completing the quiz. Then once you are done, see if you can beat your time. Your brain will focus and the information will move faster and faster through your brain. 

Easy ways to set up drills or timed activities: make flashcards, create a blank test on the computer, or do practice problems in your book. There is also an app: on the Quizlet app and website, you can set up study sets which will turn itself into timed games, challenges, and practice tests. 

Teach Yourself or Someone Else

You are more likely to remember information if you study it like you have to teach it. I have often looked like a crazy person while studying: I would read something I needed to study, then would look up and start mouthing what I would say if someone else was there. This kind of engagement with the material you are studying will make it stick in your brain. 

Make Connections

When new information enters your brain, it looks for something to latch onto. If you can find a way to connect what you are studying to what you already know, then the information will connect to the information you already know. 

Ultimately, the more you can engage and interest your brain, the less time you will waste reading the same information on repeat!