Homeschooling Becomes More Popular

Homeschooling in the Baltimore area has become much more popular over the last several years.

When MTT was first founded in 2015, we received zero inquiries for homeschooling. Just three years later, and phone calls for homeschool tutors are growing rapidly.

Attitudes are Changing

In recent years, the homeschooling myth that children don’t receive a quality education or end up being socially awkward is just that - a myth.

According to Chris Weller in his article titled, Americans are rejecting the 'homeschool myth' — and experts say the misunderstood education might be better than public or charter schools, he states the following:

Teaching kids at home has long been controversial, with critics saying the instruction is uneven in subject and quality and makes kids asocial. But in recent years, technology and changing attitudes have made homeschooling easier and more effective, helping boost its popularity. And research suggests homeschooled kids do better on tests and in college than their peers in public schools.

At MTT, we’ve always known that personalization makes the difference. That’s why we send certified teachers out to homes to provide one-on-one instruction. Personalization + real world experiences make for a well-rounded and thoughtful student. And homeschooling is the perfect combination of the two.

Some benefits of homeschooling include:

  • Students who are homeschooled can travel the world since they aren’t subject to attendance requirements.

  • They can make their own decisions about what they want to study and thus, follow their passions early on.

  • They have more opportunity to engage in critical thinking

  • They can move at their own pace since they do not have to wait for the rest of their peers in a typical classroom setting.

Maryland Teacher Tutors Response

As homeschooling becomes more popular in the Baltimore area (and beyond), some of our classroom teachers are considering leaving the classroom to support homeschool students on a more full-time basis.

And we’re here for it.

Reach out to see how we can help with part-time or full-time instruction.