3 Back to School Tips To Transition Out Of Summer Smoothly

Summer is almost over!
Are you helping to prepare your
child for the adjustment back to school?

Set limits on screen time and make sure that your children have plenty of other more mentally stimulating options to keep them occupied.

Back to School Tips

1.) Manage Screen Time

As the summer progresses, the novelty of the season wears off and you’ll notice that your child will seem increasingly bored. This often means that kids will spend more time in front of a screen, whether that be television, video games, the computer, or their phones.

At MTT, we believe in utilizing technology in ways that will contribute to the educational growth of our students. One of our MTT parents, Susan Norman from Baltimore, has an excellent recommendation to avoid constant screen time during the summer months: choose a timeframe for kids to be on devices each day and stick to it.

For example, from 4-6pm every day, kids can be on their devices. The rest of the day they need to be engaged in some kind of activity. This ensures that the kids aren’t bothering parents about screen time throughout the day, because the guidelines are already set regarding when they can and cannot access their devices.

2.) Take Advantage of Summer School Supplies Sales

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for school supplies!

Take advantage of the sales that many stores hold for these items in the beginning of August. If your school hasn’t released its school supplies list yet, don’t worry! This website offers lists from schools all over the state! Double check to make sure you have everything when the real list comes in, but this is a great start!

Looking to save even more money?

  • Start at The Dollar Store! They often carry brand name products like BIC.

  • The Krazy Coupon Lady also recommends shopping on Sunday or Monday for school supplies since weekly sales start on Sundays and inventory runs out so quickly! -Thanks so much to MTT parent, Renee Hill of Anne Arundel County for the tip!

Encourage your children to read before bed - particularly as the new school year is approaching.

3.) Start Transitioning Back Into Routines

This tip is coming straight from the boss! CEO Natalie Mangrum understands the importance of preparing your child for their school routine after the summer months.

As you transition into August, start having your kids go to bed 15 minutes earlier each week until they reach their normal school year bedtime. Neglecting this helpful step will make for a cranky kid come the first week of school!

Instead of watching TV before bed, encourage your children to read. This will get them comfortable with reading again after a long summer so that the school workload isn’t as much of a shock. Like we mentioned in the first tip, managing screen time can make such an impact on your child’s transition back into their school routine.

Small steps throughout the month of August will make the adjustment to their normal routine much easier than simply cutting out TV, setting a new bedtime, and getting used to homework the week that school starts.

The kids are back in school in ONE MONTH!
Now is the time to get your game plan together to help them adjust!  

Maryland Teacher Tutors can help your child
prepare for the upcoming school year!

There's still time for your child to work with MTT before school is back in session!

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