Meeting Parents Where They Are - Literally and Figuratively

Father and Son.jpeg

Lately, our highest number of calls are coming from the Maple Lawn and Fulton neighborhoods of Howard County, the Hanover areas of Anne Arundel, and the Southern neighborhoods of Baltimore City, including Federal Hill, Locust Point, and Canton. We also hear quite a bit from families in the Owings Mills and Reisterstown neighborhoods of Baltimore County.

What do all of these counties have in common? They’re all considered part of the Central Maryland region. And that is the region that MTT covers.

But every so often, we hear from parents in Montgomery County, PG County, and Calvert County. Just recently, a dad from PG County called to inquire about our services. “Sir, we are so sorry to inform you that we are not as far out as PG County just yet.”

He calmly replied, “But I read every Google review you have. You’re the best and I want my son to have the best.”

Well that certainly felt good to hear!

“Let’s do this,” we told him. “If you can meet one of our tutors halfway in the Hanover or Odenton area, we can make this work.”

“Sold!” He exclaimed.

As certified teachers who work with students from a variety of academic backgrounds, we pride ourselves on meeting students (and families) where they are. In this case, it was a wonderful (and funny) reminder that not only do we meet families where they are from an academic (and one could argue, figurative) standpoint, but we also go out of our way to meet parents where they are — literally.