Preventing Summer Slump

Summer Slump.jpeg

You might be familiar with this scenario. Your child goes back to school after a summer full of swimming, vacationing, fun in the sun, and sleeping in. He is excited to make new friends, catch up with old ones, and learn about his new teacher; but he didn’t engage in or participate in any academic upkeep during his break. His first progress report comes home and you’re confused. He was on grade level the year before, but now his teachers are concerned that he is falling behind. How did this happen?

This is what experts refer to as “summer slump” - the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the summer when children are not in school. During summer slump, students lose the academic gains they made during the school year, which leads to regression and unpreparedness.


Have no fear! MTT is here!
We recommend that parents sign up for tutoring at least once a week with one of our certified teachers, preferably two. This consistency allows students to retain the information they learned during the previous school year, and prepares them to enter the new year with academic readiness!
Some of our summer options include reading reinvigoration, where teacher tutor and student agree on a novel (or several smaller books for the younger children) and do fun activities and projects around the book content. This option keeps reading levels strong, but also gives the student freedom to express himself in a way that is different from the typical school year assignments. We also offer a math master program where students and tutors will work on honing foundational math skills, as well as learning new concepts that will both challenge and excite students as they apply their knowledge to everyday tasks.

Whether you want your student to engage in academic maintenance, or use the summer break to take her learning to a new and higher level, we look forward to serving you and preventing your child from falling prey to the summer slump. 

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